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The Lumen Tie

World's First Bluetooth®
Controllable LED Tie

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"Your friends will marvel if you buy this light-up tie" - Abha Bhattarai,
The Washington Post
"Designer Darius Kuddo has figured out how to dress formal, casual, and flamboyant at the same time...the literal opposite of black-tie!"
-Yanko Design

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The necktie reimagined

Completely unprecedented, the Lumen Tie is a truely unique product. With 100 bright, multicolor LEDs, you have a wide range of possibilities for what can be displayed. Using Bluetooth, control your tie from your smart devices. Program the tie yourself, or use a library of pre-made programs. Charge the battery directly from a USB port.
Control with Bluetooth from iPhone/Android black gradient

Control you've never had before

Use your iOS or Android™ device to control various settings on the tie. You can change what pattern is being displayed, change the brightness of the LEDs, enter text that will scroll on the tie, turn the LEDs on and off, bind your tie to your specific device, and control games that play on the tie.
Control from Apple Watch, Android Wear, or Pebble Smartwatches white gradient

Control you never even knew you could have

Use your smartwatch to control the same things on the tie as your phone can do. It's an quick and easy way control your tie without having to pull out your phone. Just raise your watch and tap a button. Available for Apple Watch, Android Wear, and Pebble Smartwatches.
Tie can scroll text, is a cool piece of clothing black gradient

Unsurpassed Cool

No tie has ever come close to what the Lumen Tie can do. With features like scrolling text, a microphone for sound reactive patterns, and the ability to play games on the tie, you will impress everyone who sees you with the tie.
Sound Activated with an Equalizer white gradient

Sound based Majesty

With the onboard microphone, your possibilities for displaying your cool increase massively. With patterns like the equalizer, the tie will react to the atmosphere around you. The tie also features Automatic Gain Control, meaning it will work just as well for all levels of volume.
Can control games like tetris, light up shirts black gradient

Endless Fun

You can even use your smartphone to control games on the tie. Give your phone to another person and let them play certain games with the tie, or let the tie play games itself.
*game can't be named for legal reasons
Arduino Microcontroller

Unrivaled Power

With a 32-Bit ARM Cortex M0+ microprocessor, you have immense power available to you. The Lumen Tie has an ATSAMD21G18 chip onboard, also known as the chip used in the Arduino Zero. The chip has a 48MHz clock speed, 256K of program memory, and 32K of RAM. You should have no issues running any pattern in terms of processing power. You’ll also have the space to run a lot of them too.
*picture shows an earlier version using an ATMega328
Program it yourself DIY with Arduino black gradient

Unlimited Possibilities

The tie is based on Arduino, and compatible with the Arduino IDE out of the box. It can't be easier to program and run your own custom patterns. Simply follow the online guide to get started, and then keep going on your own. When you're done, connect your tie to a USB port and upload your program.
Easy DIY Configurator with Arduino white gradient

Cutting-Edge Configuration

If you don’t know how to code, or don’t want to, you can use the online configurator to choose pre-made patterns to put on your tie. Using a patent-pending process, the configurator dynamically builds a code file with the patterns you select. You then simply upload the file to the tie.
Light Up Clothing Patterns black gradient

An Expansive Library, Constantly Expanding

You are not limited to a single set of patterns for your tie. With new patterns continually being created, you can keep your tie fresh by changing up what is on your tie whenever you want. You can even make suggestions for new patterns.
Suggest a New Pattern
LED Clothing with USB port white gradient

Easy Interface

The tie has a standard micro-USB port. Charge the tie by connecting a micro-USB cable (included) to any USB port. Upload a new program by connecting it to your computer.
Battery Powered Tie Clothing usb

Long Life

The tie features a large, 4000mAh lithium-ion battery. With an 1.5A charger, the battery will charge from empty to full in a little less than three hours. The tie lasts 12 hours with standard settings*.
*tested with a fully charged tie, at 30% brightness, with the Police pattern constantly running. Battery life varies widely based on the pattern running and the brightness used.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why are only the iPhone® and Apple Watch® featured, aren't Android, etc. supported?

    At this point in time, iOS/Apple Watch apps are the only ones working on physical devices. Apps for Android, Android Wear, and Pebble watches are in development, but are only running on a simulator. By the time of release, they will be available and working on physical devices.

  • How bright can the LEDs get?

    Short answer: very bright. If you use the flashlight pattern at full brightness at night, the ground in front of you will be fully lit up for at least 10 feet. The tie is actually capable of being much brighter, but the amount of current that the LEDs can use has been limited to 0.5 amps. Theoretically, the LEDs could use up to 12x more current, 6 amps, but the battery life would be terrible. There are almost no situations where you would think the tie is not bright enough as is. Using any brightness above 60% will "blind " anyone who looks directly at it from a close distance.

  • What kind of battery life can be expected?

    There is no simple answer to this question. It varies widely depending on the pattern and the set brightness. With the Police pattern at 30% brightness, the tie lasts for about 12 hours. Some patterns are naturally more power-consuming than others, and using a higher brightness will always reduce battery life. 30% is the default brightness, for normal use you should leave it at this level for a good balance between brightness and battery life.

  • I don't know anything about coding, but I still want to be able to program my tie myself. What can I do?

    In the online support center (coming soon), there is a section that gives a beginner's introduction for coding in Arduino. There are simple examples and explanations for the basic functions used in coding. From there, you can learn how to program the tie in particular using this basic knowledge. All the tutorials given are only meant for you to learn how to program The Lumen Tie. While this basic knowledge can be applied elsewhere, more advanced concepts not relevant to programming the tie are not included and are not eligible for customer support.

  • If I am programming the tie myself and I get stuck somehow, how can I get help?

    You can contact us for programming support. Just be prepared to explain what you are trying to do and what specifically is not working. We can try and help you fix whatever issue you have.

  • How do you tie The Lumen Tie?

    It is very difficult to tie The Lumen Tie like you would a normal tie because of the electronics inside. When you purchase the tie, it comes pre-tied so you just pull on the thin part of the tie to tighten around your neck. The knot itself is sewed together and a small plastic block is embedded in the thin end of the tie so that the tie doesn't get undone. This is better alternative to a zipper tie which breaks very easily, but still is very easy to tighten around your neck.

  • Is the tie still bendable?

    Yes, the tie is still bendable, except for where the battery is, which is just below the knot of the tie. While you can bend the tie, you should use caution to not bend it to extreme levels, as the internal components can break as a result of repeated extreme bending.

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